Why is our training better?

Often fire safety training for members of staff is seen as a dry or dull subject.  We think you will find that the method of presentation used by Key Fire Solutions is far from that.

To keep costs low we are able to come to you and carry out fire safety training at your own workplace premises.

Our scientific approach with practical (indeed startling) demonstrations, illustrate the true nature of fire and smoke spread and so is easily absorbed by all students. This leads to a full understanding of the serious potential in the event of a fire incident and a good awareness of the precautions that are in place (e.g. the fire risk assessment) to prevent or reduce the likelihood or effects of such an occurrence.The credibility of our fire safety trainers is well endorsed. Each trainer is fully qualified in the relevant subjects and in addition, can draw on many years of experience of dealing with fire incidents and fire safety technology.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order places a legal duty on businesses to ensure 
that staff are provided with adequate fire safety training. Staff will be required to consider and understand the findings of the Fire Risk Assessment, Emergency Action Plan and layout of the particular workplace in which they operate.

After receiving the class based input on ‘elements of combustion, fire spread and  precautionary measures’, the students are given a meaningful look at fire doors and separation, fire exit doors and fittings, alarm systems, emergency lighting, fire-fighters isolation switches etc... 

It is notable that at this stage of the training, the staff themselves start to suggest the best course of action in the event of a fire occurring in any part of their work premises. Such open discussion leads to a full and unified understanding by all of the required Fire Risk Assessment and the 'Emergency Action Plan'. This level of training would be difficult to achieve without all the components mentioned above.

Where possible we aim to ensure that the training session is site relevant, so the instructor will normally have visited the workplace prior to the training session. We do not waste time talking and learning about systems, precautions and equipment that is not to be found where your staff work (it is often this aspect of training that can seem tedious to the student).

By the time we look at extinguishing equipment, the staff members are motivated to learn and take part, as the training session thus far has been uncomplicated and worthwhile. Our trainers are always impressed by the sense of ‘ownership’ and enthusiasm each employee adopts in the final discussion.
The high quality of the training we provide is in most part due to the fostering of a positive attitude by your company’s management and staff. We simply pose problems at a practical level and then let your staff come up with the appropriate logical solutions, both through the knowledge that they have of their own workplace and what they have learnt. This active involvement and participation is in stark contrast to a method of training where they are simply ‘drip fed’ information which will be easily forgotten in the long term.

There can be little doubt that this understanding will do much to mitigate and reduce the human effects of any future incidents of fire and make your workplace safer and more resilient against potential loss.

We are proud to offer flexible fire safety training courses that can be held at your premises at a time to suit you.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a cost effective solution to your staff fire safety training needs.

Call us now on 01795 429202 to arrange your Fire Safety Training


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